Tiong Bahru Diner En Blanc


Dinner last week was an experience like no other and as planned as this looks, everything was impromptu as it could get. We knew it was going to be a picnic, but not this…and not at the back of Bella and Terence's beautiful Tiong Bahru home. It was truly a 24 hour party, as we kick-started the night before with late night French films on a roll then making a trip down to the wet market at 6am to shop for some of the freshest seafood and vegetables. That's how we met Antoine, our lobster who was such a darling. And even by then, we still had no idea what we were going to cook. And when daylight approached, we cooked with our hearts. What came out of it was an explosion in our mouths, one that was guranteed to be a memorable one. Lemon & garlic grilled sea bass, broiled lobster, Bella's amazing salsa and chilled vermicelli, fish stew… Everything was spot-on. Terence was such a sport in doing the set up, reserving two parking lots for us, bringing out all the plants and furniture. Since meeting this couple, we've had some of the best cookouts and longest dinner parties, this night out was definitely one of the best things we have done. Food, really does bring people together, in so many great ways and it's been so nice knowing Bella and Terence and sharing recipes and laughters every other weekend.