Meatballs with Guacamole and Tortilla Chips

Trying my favourite things in new ways surprise me a lot. This bowl of goodness sums up my life and they go so well together you'd be taken by surprise. I looooove my guacamole (inserts 100 exclaimation marks!). I have always believed that cooking should be done the way one likes it and these meatballs I've been making are my own recipe, just how I like it- thankfully my friends and family do too, but feel free to tweak it here and there. I use a mixture or pork and beef, or just pork by itself. Have fun with the herbs you choose to use and roll one meatball and cook it to try if you like how it tastes before rolling the rest. I love mine slightly charred. Likewise for the guacamole, so many people do it their way and I've been doing mine the slightly more boring way with a mixture of avocados, cilantro, garlic, tomatoes, shallots and lime juice. Just the classic guacamole you never can go wrong with! I don't use any measurements for these ingredients because it really is your own preference how you like it. Add in more galic if you like more heat! Or some jalapeno.

Guacamole recipe here
Meatball recipe here

Use the leftovers for even more special things. A tortilla wrap? Pasta with meatballs? It's endless and so much fun. Ohhh my god, stuffing more guacamole into my mouth as we speak..! YUM. Yum. YUMMM.