Zara pants and shoes, clutch, Beyond Retro London

In the midst of giving this blog an entire facelift hence the lack of updates- I am thrilled for the day to come and right now, I just get a little put off to update here as it just isn't good enough for me. So patience will do me some good while I wait and cook a lot, photograph more content to post and plan more crazy adventures for the rest of my summer! I got back to Asia last week after a 13 hour long flight enjoying french films on a roll with the accompaniment of Phad Thai and Baileys on full whack. I love Singapore airlines like that! The past couple of days have been spent busy unwrapping what feels like a gazillion dishes (a whole luggage- 18.5 kg to be exact- full of vintage knick-knacks I scored all around London) and getting used to home again. Over the weekend, my family and I took a road trip down to Malaysia again so I made use of the opportunity to get my dad behind the camera. It's been so long since we've done this together and I miss it but I almost make him hate it even more, sadly… Malaysia might be one of Singapore's closest neighbours but it's worlds apart and poverty seems to be 50% ubiquitous as we drive through the city. It is also nowhere near being as clean as home but that's the beauty of it for me. Driving past villages, abandoned buildings and the dirtiest and smelliest of alleyways is almost as refreshing as it can get. It felt nice to be back again, but makes me grateful for living in Singapore where we have everything within our reach and opportunities constantly being presented to us, young and old. One more month till summer ends and I'm ready to make more travels plans before one last year in school in Singapore. So much to see, and even if I'm taken back to the same places again and again, these new perspectives are crazily insightful- however near or far.