Went to this city with the least expectations because of all the stories I've heard from friends and honestly have never been more surprised at what the city is capable of… I went with the mindset that this was not a holiday but a learning experience for myself- being able to tag along with one of my closest friends to learn about how the manufacturing and clothing industry in China works was certainly more than just an eye opener. We immersed ourselves in work and getting used to 2 completely different sides of the city, exchanging stories with locals about everyday life in our homes and making the best out of everything we did. I have never been back from a trip feeling more exhausted, having barely enough to even keep my eyelids open every other day and drag myself out of bed to get to work and source with the team. But I also have never seen this side of the world and it was worth staying up for every other night and waking up with only 3 hours of sleep. We tried almost every mode of transportation the city could offer except the undergrounds- from trishaws, their version of a tuktuk, wagons at the wholesale market and their not so civilized taxis. Dined at the dirtiest, dodgiest back alley I've been too where I was told to hold on and never let go because I could be easily robbed or raped but it was worth all those 10 scallops I happily gobbled down within seconds and kept asking for more. Experienced the posh side of Guangzhou and was amazed by the city's lights every other night as we drove across. Sang Michael Buble out loud for the villagers, learnt everything that went on to manufacturing your own designs be it clothes, shoes or accessories, went around with a fake chinese accent to try to blend in with the people, danced to Pitbull in the factory and allowed the workers to see how crazy Singaporeans can be… this was more than any other adventure I've ever been on and I already can't wait to be back and make more of my dreams come true. Thank you Jordus, Dorris and Paul for making this one heck of an experience for me, I had the best time!