Life Lately

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The past 2 months allowed me to take a good break from school and pretty much do anything that involved having a great time. Travelling a lot, of course. And meeting some pretty amazing people through Lilreddotfolks as we photographed a couple of stunning homes I never knew Singapore could be capable of. I also saw myself going insane over plate collecting and keeping firm to my beliefs that they'd be useful for my future restaurant. Other highlights included being reunited with Sophie again in London- we can go for months without speaking and it always amazes me how when we are back together, it feels like we just met yesterday. I've known this girl for almost 5 years and wherever in the world we meet again, it always is such a good time catching up with each other's lives. Penpals or not, our goodbyes are never permanent and that's what matters. Also, I've been cooking a lot- part of my withdrawal symptoms since returning from London. Going in and out of insomnia and just living life as I know it. Through plenty of ups and downs. Glad to have this space to allow me to relive these moments.