Photo taken with my iPhone

There are countless of reasons I can think of when I need to justify a purchase. And 2 of my most anticipated purchases I made over the past month are totally worth it! I swear. The one at the bottom being that ridiculously overpriced jacket at H&M going for over 500 dollars (whaaaaat?) (it's not even any kind of collaboration!) (THIS is crazy!) that got taken off the shelves after I would go in every week just to touch it (is it me?) and the quilted one at the back from Zara that mysteriously disappeared as well after the campaign came out in Singapore. I went into every store along Oxford Street in London and nobody had seen any of these jackets… I was willing to justify my ridicadonk jacket with the fact that ITS IN POUNDS. So the numbers go dowwwwwn. I get tax off! It's definitely cheaper there! And before walking into every H&M/Zara, I would take a deep breath, cross my fingers, say a little prayer and walk in, pluck the courage to ask the happiest person I could see in the store. Of course, to no avail. Thankfully, during one of my last days in the city, the Zara jacket appeared…gleaming in it's glory like heaven opening it's doors... I screamed and walked out a happy girl. But my heart really was still thinking about the other jacket. And as for H&M, it became on sale in Singapore, right after I got back, a friend called and guess what...50% off….you know I had to. The entire jacket was embellished and embroidered, it's a dream come true. 

A lot of the things I have in my life... yes it's God. But it's also good faith and belief. I would see myself in these things, live like they were already mine and just feel happy all the time and as ridiculous as it sounds, I've actually managed to attract a lot of these things to me too. My dream hand bag, that trip to Tokyo, my internship in Portland, my camera lenses…. honestly it's CRAZY how much just visualizing alone has brought to me. It's God, but it's you too.