1. Happy to be back in Singapore and enjoying some of my favourites including this gorgeous eggplant with tempura crunch and topped off with sour cream at Kilo at PACT. Am I the only person obsessed with the marble?
2. Currently everything I'm using for my bed of hair right now. Keratase Resistance series is perfect for chemically or naturally weak hair. Thanks Salon Vim for all the love! 
3. Being away so much of the summer has made it hard to get used to being back in Singapore- especially when it comes to shooting for the blog. Whenever I'm in a new environment wherever in the world I am, every corner seems like an eye opener to shoot. Being much smaller, Singapore does feel a little hard for me at times, definitely need to do a lot more exploring when the time permits. Taken at a random church over the week with Edgar after catching up over lunch. The dress will be up on the store sometime in the next 2 weeks. 
4. I am the QUEEN of silly bags. Colllecting them from my travels and from my friends' travels is so much fun. So far these come as far from handmade bags from India, vintage shops in Portland, London and Bangkok, and other random souvenirs from Jakarta, Guangzhou and the Philippines. They get more useless as my collection grows, the latest being the star one (!!!) It's tiny but I can't tell you how much I am obsessed with it. Up on the store sometime soon too.