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As most of you should already know by now, I am cat-obsessed and as much as I love my Maltese-Shih Tzu lady at home, I still long for the day I can own my very own fluffy cat. Recently I had the privilege to take up the best job in the world: Cat-sitter to these 3 adorable ladies. Or princesses. Meet Fudge, Fran and Cosmo. All I have to do is pay them a visit when their parents are away and play with them, feed them and job done. These 3 definitely live in a world of their own, and I am always so excited whenever the chance comes up for me to see them again. I especially love it when I buy take-out from the nearby rotisserie and the three are crowding around me, staring at me eyes wide open like the curious kitties they are. Or how I know deeep deep down, Fudge loves me just as much as I'm obsessed with that furball. They barely meow, which is funny. We watch TV together and I feed them a lot of treats. How is this not the best job ever?