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Of course, when it's nearing the weekend, markets all over England start going in full bloom and so do the flowers. I just love being around these stalls and the people who tend them, so much happiness and positivity. Exactly what I need to start my day right! I guess it's easy to say for me that I love any kind of markets like these where you walk through stalls of screaming people trying to sell off their freshest produce that pretty much look unreal and before you know it, more FOOD as the scent of steak sandwiches or paella gently waft into the air. But I'm not going to go into that since I'm on a diet. We took these while spending a day walking around Croydon, not my favourite town in all of England but the closest civilisation from where I stayed so it was fun going in and out of charity shops with more plates to add to my collection (snagged a vintage 32 piece set on this day!). Our eyes literally popped out the moment Zara stood right in front of us with the word 'SALE'…and duh, we came out with 5 new pairs of shoes to our name. Here in a very simple but kind of apt outfit for such an occasion, with the hat I got from Beyond Retro making it all the more suitable. Such a lovely day. Missing every bit of England. Wearing a Wisteriea dress, Beyond Retro hat, ASOS earrings, Mango shoes and Prada clutch.