Photos by me and Jordus

Food in Singapore brings the people of my lovely homeland together like nothing else can- and while eating in Singapore can also burn a fat hole in your pocket with the number of Michelin-starred chefs setting up restaurants here, it can also be extremely cheap. $3 and you can be enjoying a bowl of goodness in a plastic bowl in a hot, stuffy hawker centre. It is these cheap and traditional hawker food that really keeps us Singaporeans talking, as we all debate where to get THE best prawn mee, or THE best chicken rice or hokkien mee etc.. I love my hawker food but when it comes to a hot bowl of noodles in a delicious broth (I think I only eat ramen) or tossed in a sauce, I get really particular. Top One is THE only one for me. Before I do go on, street food is generally easily accessible, cheap and delicious in most of Asia but whether or not  it is safe to eat is another thing. The great thing about Singapore is that everything sold here (especially food) is licensed so don't be afraid of our hawkers if you're visiting Singapore for the first time!

 These noodles available at Top One is available dry or with a delicious broth but the popular store is most well known for their dry version with their punchy homemade chilli sauce - extremely potent, don't bother adding any more than what is given. Your choice of hand-made flour noodles tossed in a sweet, black sauce. Topped with your choice of protein and stewed mushrooms and fried anchovies (also known as Ikan Bilis). Definitely not the most attractive dish but so delicious to have in your mouth. I've been going around Singapore searching for the best version of this dish (as much as hawkers are everywhere in Singapore, this dish can be quite a rarity) and I know there are still so many places I need to explore but this is my favourite so far. Whenever I go away for weeks at a time, this is the one thing I miss the most. For me, these noodles provide comfort and a sense of home- I either have seconds or go for a bowl of fish and prawn broth to go all along with. I know it sounds like so much to be eating in one sitting but this is the one thing I think I can never get sick of.
To my dear friends who are fans of handmade dry noodles, please please please go to Top One. It is TOPS!

Top One is located at Beauty World Food Centre, 144 Upper Bukit Timah Road, Bukit Timah District, Singapore 588177