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Wearing everything from shopmissingavenue (bringing in more star clutches soon!), shoes from Mango Touch

Taken last week with the pops when we decided to cross borders to Danga Bay in Malaysia and go for a seafood feast….Oh my god I love a good crab! It has actually been so long since I've done this with my dad and I miss it so much. He may be the most impatient person to shoot with but he always takes me around whenever he can which means so much to me. Our 'dates' shooting for the blog is my kind of father-daughter time, which we always end feasting on something delicious and cheap. I always say one day we'll take a road trip across the US desert and it will be my treat when I can afford it. For now, this will do and I still find it so crazy this other world is just 20 minutes from home. Not exactly what I would call paradise but definitely worlds apart with the new housing developments and some old school fun with this carnival, this swing thing I'm on happens to be one of my favourite rides as a kid and I'm so glad I've found one within a reachable distance. Wearing basically what I've been living on lately if you cannot already tell: crop top! I love them and if it isn't short enough, I conveniently fold my top up a little just like what I did here. They just keep getting shorter and shorter but you can't blame me with our year long summers…Ok fine I know my sleeves are long so a mid-riff doesn't really do any justice to the heat but you gotta admit a top is cuter when it's cropped.