Getting through the most hectic week I've had in awhile and going through a gazillion photos I have yet to post made me realise one thing today- I will never be 100% satisfied with anything that I post here and never have been in the past 6 years that I've been blogging. Maybe it is the perfectionist in me with something I am so passionate about but then again, I've never seen myself as one. I don't know about you or if you've ever felt this way like I do, but I guess seeking this contentment and satisfaction in your work should never stop. Because once it stops, it is also when you stop progressing. We keep moving forward, opening new doors for ourselves with each opportunity, doing new things when we are curious and these journies we take is everything about progress. I will never stop not being content with my work and I hope you will too. So for now, I seek progress in my lust for life and seeing the rest of the world one city at a time.. To be able to share it all here, is more than a blessing and I am thankful for the crazy imaginative self in me that never stops dreaming for something better.