Heygate estate: once the mecca of hopes of dreams for those in London looking for better housing now turned to this. Trying to get ourselves into the estate and the whole adventure of walking through what thousands used to call home was creepy and probably the craziest thing I have I ever done before in all my travels. I felt like I was walking in scene of one of those horror movies. Can’t imagine my reaction if I met squatters or dead people but I was trying to be brave. We made it up to the roof and got a paranomic view of London’s concrete jungle after a lot of crawling, climbing, screaming and getting myself in a lot of anti-climbing paint (Byeeeee my favourite skirt). The estate was built in the 1960s as part of a regeneration project after WWll when a lot of homes in the suburban streets were damaged from the war. This home was a new beginning for many, as it was the first time many had access to a central heating system and indoor washing. 20 years down the road, the area was known for it’s high level of crime and anti-social behaviour. The estate’s architecture design made it easy for criminals to run through the estate and hide from the cops and what went from a safe haven for many soon became an area reputed for it’s crime, poverty and dilapidation. It’s no wonder the moment we got on the Underground…London already felt different and once I stepped out of the Elephant and Castle station, it seemed like another world. So eerie. Thankfully I was there with 2 macho men who not only provided great company but also security as FJ would conveniently lift me up when climbing in my heels became too much of a great deal. Note that I met my friends with absolutely no clue of what to expect so my outfit was definitely nothing planned for. By early 2000, Heygate was beyond repair and it’s now in the stages of going through demolition work. Sad to see what it’s become after hearing it’s story but glad I made it there before it’s gone. The view of London and an adventure like this was well worth it. Thanks Niran & FJ! We ended our afternoon with pina coladas at the Marriott while I showed them how AZN I could really get. I know how bad I’ve been at blogging lately but I’m still gathering pictures together so more a photo diary up next…!

 Wearing a Primark blouse and River Island shoes. Ps! River Island is now available again in Singapore thanks to the forces behind Zalora. It is not the exclusive retailer for the UK high street chain which I absolutely love (Made sure to get as much as I could in London including those shoes!). Find out more here or go straight to the RI Page here!