Nastygal jumpsuit (similar one here), Verali heels, Beyond Retro clutch

The thing with London is, you're surrounded with landmarks pretty much all over that they feel like postcards come to life. Such a picturesque city to say the least. I've been saving this set of photos for a long time, it's so hard to believe it's been almost 3 months since I've been back from my favourite city the world and I guess you can understand why- withdrawal symptoms up till now… Ha, I can't wait to just share the entire trip in a huge photo diary and be done with it but I'm always being held back because it will feel like everything that had to do with the best part of my summer is over. I'll get to that….soon.

 I spent a night just across London's iconic St Paul's and made use of the opportunity to shoot first thing in the morning before anyone else got there. This was one of my favourite moments to sum up the trip and it made me wish so bad that I am a morning person. Everything just seems to be so much more at peace at this time of the day- seeing people go by their daily commute and creating new adventures, or having new stories to share from the day before. It's always a new beginning and photography wise, the light is THE best in the morning. I loved seeing St Paul's from a new perspective when it was completely vacant on the outside. It's usually so busy and even when I was exploring the grounds the day before and experiencing their masses, it just felt so much more touristy when St Paul's to me is so much more than that. It's ultimately still a place of worship no matter how many people walk past these grounds everyday from around the world and people forget that. But it warms my heart to see that the church doesn't let it get to them and invites all to be able to come and hear the word..