I know how much I tend to get carried away when it comes to posting up photo diaries, especially of travels when it comes to new destinations. Oh Seoul, you have my heart. Went for the first time when I was 7 and weirdly into pokemon and nothing else so all I remembered was changing hotels everyday (ugh, tours) and drinking seaweed soup everyday (ugh, again). I did not have much of an impression and up till before the trip, all I thought about when Seoul comes to mind is TV dramas and overcrowding boy bands. Must be too much of Tokyo over the past few years adding to that. So when the opportunity to go back to the land of kimchi came up, I jumped at the chance. We were there with school to set up an exhibition in collaboration with a couple of design students at  Sangmyung University. So it was pretty much like a mini exchnage programme but sadly, I felt that my Korean counterparts couldn't get to enjoy Singapore to it's fullest and we were still trying to get to know each other through sign languages and lots of google translate. 

Now that I'm back and down with  a cold and blocked up nasal, all I think about over the trip was the FOOD. I have to caps because everything was so RIDICULOUSLY GOOD. I did not have a single bad meal and I experienced explosions of flavours and orgasms in my mouth time and time again. I officially love Korean chicken more than American chicken. Honestly, I'd go back just to eat. Also would like to note that I have never been to a city that is so obsessed with waffles- which makes this a dream come true for me because they are literally at every corner of Seoul. Crispy thin ones filled with ice cream or belgium ones made to order… oh my god. I was in waffle heaven!!!! -inserts another 100 exclaimation marks- The city was so safe, accessible and cheap to travel around, and people speak english which really surprised me so everything we did was a breeze. The city's obsession with beauty and cosmetics blew me away as I was literally surrounded by brightly lit store fronts and girls screaming in Korean over life-sized boyband cut-outs. I had never heard of most of these brands and it amazed me how most of these stores were packed with people and packed with products sold in bulk.

Meeting up with our Korean counterparts again and just enjoying food and good company under the sun and rain was such a great time- our sign languages improved and so did their english. We spoke however we wanted and somehow managed to understand each other, exchanged stories and so much love…Damn, I miss Seoul already. It was the perfect break from school and it was a cultural feast that filled me up and blew me away. Take me baaack! And it definitely doesn't help that I am starving right now as I type this. Food is too good maybe thats why people all the more need plastic surgey to look skinny.