The Quiet Riot- Giveaway 

A good new chunk of jewellery to play with. Specifically this Luella necklace which has thankfully made it's way into every other part of my white-out wardrobe. And pretty much everything I've needed to spice up outfits on a lazy day out where every other day has been a lazy day. I haven't had too much experience with jewellery to be very honest because….I am lazy and very forgetful But lately, I've been trying to change that fact and The Quiet Riot has definitely made that easier for me with these gorgeous gems- I used to be so nervous when I saw big chunky jewellery like these, not wanting to be accused of being a drama queen, but it's slowly made a very subtle way into my everyday life. And I love that they has provided me with everything I've needed on my vanity table. I've found myself slowly looking forward to putting on these new pieces and experimenting with them even with the simplest staples like a T-shirt and it's all good. They've really surprised me with how versatile they really are.


As pictured, from top left to right: Nirvana Crystal Necklace, Scarlett Necklace, Liloux Ring, Doutzen Necklace (Spring), Crystal Isis Earrings and Luella Necklace

My babes at the store will be doing a giveaway for one of my readers with jewellery of your choice ($50 value)! All you have to do is follow them on Instagram (@tqriot) or Facebook and leave a comment here with your email and name of your favourite piece of jewellery! Also, join The Quiet Riot's mailing list and you're entitled to 10% off your first store purchase! Thank you Elle for being so patient and such a pleasure to work with!