Breakfast/brunch today was an open faced sandwich of avocadoes, mushrooms I sauteed with wholegrain mustard, feta and a poached egg on top. So delicious even with only half my tastebuns and not eating 80% of the bun (trying to go carb-free for as long as I can)… Ah it feels like I have SO much I want to say here but I just don't know what. My relationship with blogging has been a whirlwind of adventures for me and lately being caught up with school and trying my very best to be a 'good' student has been me lost almost all contact with this space. Then came along Seoul and being blown away in the city's bright lights and getting lost in all that insane amount of food we stuffed ourselves in, there was barely any time for sleep and much less to sit down and get my laptop open to blog.. 

So what's been up everyone? I've been busy….getting my thesis topic settled, it being the final year at school for me (yipee!) and busy getting involved with a couple of personal projects, one which I am so thrilled to be able to share with all of you! As you already know, I am a plate hoarder and I loveeee my plates, my recent trip to London saw me lugging back 17.5kg worth of dishes and everything called me crazy but I had never been so happy with my buys. I've recently been collecting and sourcing and am proud to say that Eat. Plate. Love is finally coming together! I will be sharing some of the dishes that I've sourced all over and they'll be up for sale starting this weekend! More details on where you can get them in abit. Still working on a site and shooting everything. I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

I'm definitely going to be blogging a lot more from now, with more travels coming up, collaborations and other projects so stick around and I promise it's going to be an even better, and crazier adventure with me.