Chelsea Pier- a blend of pink grapefruit, mint, lime and white wine


Mid-joint wings tossed in Chilli, Lime and Lemongrass
 Kimchi Fuji Apple Salad


Norwegian Mussels cooked in Sake broth. 


Chilean Sea Bass in Miso and Wine with buttered Shimeji Mushrooms


Baked Paprika Baby Back Ribs



Soy Yuzu Infused Torched Beef Argentine Tenderloin


The lovely people at East 8 invited me down for a food tasting last week and even before setting foot in the place, I had already booked the restaurant for a party of 20. East 8 has been around for about a year now and I can't believe I had never heard of it until I got the email, it truly is a hidden gem. The reviews made me decide to throw my 20th birthday party there and hell yes, it was the best decision I made (More on that in another post!).. Located right in the corner of the Grand Park City hotel, it took me awhile to find it at first but I now know it so well, me and my friends are going to keep coming back. I was greeted by the friendly staff immediately who made me and Edgar feel so at home, we got down to party details and then FOOD! The New York meets Asia fusion bar specializes in tapas, because to share is to care and ultimately create conversation over a meal. I do have a weakness for tapas, small plates means I get to try everything and Edgar and I were treated to a feast that afternoon. The restaurant's interior was carefully thought out and it may be small but it is so cozy, you never want to leave. They might offer a small menu for food but it is definitely perfectly formed with simple food that is packed with flavour and superior quality. 

We started off with their signature Brooklyn iced tea which has become such a hit that they now serve an alcohol version too. Slowly, more food and cocktails came out one by one and we were overwhelmed. To start with, the Kimchi Fuji Apple Salad was something refreshing (I don't eat kimchi but we finished this salad clean) and new for me, with crunchy Fuji apples and bacon to compliment the salad made out of rocket and tomatoes. The Mozarella with Proscuitto and Truffle Mayo was so lovely, it was the fastest to go. For mains, my favourites included the Noregian mussels in sake broth. It was the freshiest mussels I have ever had and I really couldn't help finishing the broth as well. I drank straight from the skillet. Perfect combination of garlic and sake. Another favourite was the Chilean marinated Sea Bass….it was epic. The fish was impossibly soft and melted in your mouth with the miso, wine and buttered shrooms that made me float to heaven and everything was just an explosion of flavours in my mouth. I was literally in cat heaven and I still think about it before I sleep at night. The torched beef tenderloin hit the spot, drenched in a soy yuzu dressing, we finished all 4 slices in seconds. 

The cocktails were all kinds of deliciousness (I'll include the names later after confirming), we tried a couple including the Chelsea Pier which was so girly I loved it but the best one of the lot still had to be my own personalized cocktail which you can design for parties/events. I'll blog more about that in a separate post. All in all, East 8 was such a pleasant surprise for me. Prices are slightly pricey over here but the food is simply mind-blowing! I had a go at their desserts during my party and both the Banana Tempura and Chocolate Pot (both not pictured) were absolutely amazing. All I know is….I am dying to go back. Truly a little treasure cove. Ah! #yes

East 8 is located at 10 Coleman Street, #01-21/22 Singapore 179809
Call +65 6338 8289 for reservations