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I've been a huge fan of Kinfolk Magazine for a long time now and am pretty sure this publication needs no introduction, especially to the blogosphere. Even if you've never heard of the magazine, you've definitely seen the publication appearing on Instagram beside a beautiful cup of coffee on some kind of wooden backdrop or something. Kind of like the Lita shoe of the fashion blogosphere but in a non-thrashy way of course. Issue after issue, it's stunning visuals have blown me away and allowed me to appreciate the finer, more simpler things in life. If you ask me, I think Kinfolk is everything about my ideal life in a magazine- cooking delicious slow-cook dinners that are set on a long table for friends, hosting the most amazing dinner parties, travelling, styling and photographing.. What is my life now? Well, it was only during my last trip to Portland that I found out that Kinfolk was actually founded and based in Portland. The one city I came with the least expectations kept giving me surprise after surprise and when I found out, I squealed in excitement that I was in the city where these beautiful things grow and get created. I came back here this winter without an itinery but I had one item I had on my to-do list: Visit Kinfolk's headquarters. Through some friends and keeping my fingers tightly crossed, I nervously emailed the publication about a studio visit and to my surprise, they said yes! And they were more than happy to give me a little tour. I was so excited. This was when I had this whole vision of me suddenly moving to Portland and wearing cute overalls every Friday as I cooked in little kitchens and served delicious dinners over the weekends while working in Kinfolk the rest of the week. Life would magically fall into place. Of course, this was somewhat just a dream but actually stepping into the headquarters made it all seem to come true. I have never been so warmly greeted by a group of strangers. So many introductions to the team and what they do. It was a tiny space but so full of love, warmth, passion and creativity and Nate who was so kind to bring me around wins tops for best host, ever. Thank you for the lovely tour and allowing me to photograph this beautiful space. 

Oh, the crew wrote their readers in Singapore a special holiday card too! Brb…. It'll be here in a second!