Wisteriea blouse, denim overalls, Zara flats, Ferragamo bag

It's been chilly in the city and we had the most beautiful weather on Saturday so it was the perfect day to go out with a light coat and take a walk down the park. I love how casual overalls are and how easy they are to wear, I've worn them in the winter/chilly spring several times and it is perfect with a coat thrown over. Pretty sure I can live with this throughout my entire time here. I've gone all about my love for the food trucks here in Portland, if you ever make a trip down to this city you'll come across a few parks just full of them with food from all over the world that's cheap and usually delicious. 

My favourites include Koi Fusion, a Korean-fusion truck which is a huge favourite among Portlanders especially for their Korean tacos and rice bowls. Mhmmm would love to have some bulgoggi tacos now. You can find them easily all over the city so make sure you get yourself some if you're down! I feel like I've been promoting Portland on the blog like crazy but this really is an underestimated city with so much to see and do, I do hope at the very least you guys can get to see it from my perspective and why I love it so much!