Today I'm really excited to be able to share a couple of pairings with you all, featuring jewellery from The Quiet Riot. When Elle emailed to ask if we could work together again, I already had a couple of ideas for this post so tadah! The Quiet Riot needs no introduction, they're a beautiful curation of costume jewellery and accessories for every occasion but I thought about how a lot of my friends and family would ask me why I'm always wearing big crazy chunks of jewellery that looked like I was attending a dinner party or something. It made me realise that a lot of my friends were afraid of wearing costume jewellery in the day because they felt it was either too 'loud' or simply 'out of place'. First of all, nobody has ever restricted costume jewellery to be worn only at a fancy dinner in a hotel where there is dim lighting so the jewels get to sparkle all night. I told Elle I would pair a couple of looks together to share how I would wear some of these jewellery from day to night and still looking casual but cool which is my motto for my wardrobe. Casual but cool. Day to night. You get the drift. 


Keep the outfit simple. If your outfit is full of prints or a massive amount of layers and colours, it's going to be confusing and simply too much. I love being able to wear a loud pair of earrings with a simple sweater and some boyfriend jeans (as you can see above). Put on some heels and you're more than ready to go. This look can easily be worn for lunch meetings to casual dinners with friends. 


 For something more formal, take out a nice skirt and some heels. Note that I kept the blouse simple over here and also let go of some earrings because that is a really statement necklace. You do not want too much going on. The best thing about this look is you can make it a whole lot different with the same accessories simple by slipping into some jeans and different shoes.


Even with heels on, this look can be as casual as you want it to be or fun for a night out. Its the same white blouse and necklace but completely different when put together. 


Lastly, probably the most casual of all… nothing but a T-shirt! I love getting out my favourite vintage tees, stacking on jewellery all over the place (these kind of outfits are perfect for doing that!) because you're wearing them with shorts which makes the clothing part of this outfit very simple. This look is casual but very cool especially when you put some strappy barely-there heels on and go out to party.

Hope this post gives you an idea on how I like to wear my costume jewellery, these is never a bad time for too much, especially when The Quiet Riot is involved. I'll share more in the next post!