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While I sit here recovering from a major teeth extraction I had this afternoon and still, wrecking my brains out for some fantastic concept (it's been 2 weeks, still no fabulous idea, halp) for my final degree project…..I already have set out my goals for the year, especially travel ones. Yep, the crazy big unrealistic travel goals like I did last year. It made me wonder if this was actually healthy because I know I will spend the next couple of months doing whatever it would take to make it happen. Of course, I feel that seeing the world is something everyone should do when they can, but what if you can't afford it? Is it wise to spend months working so hard then spend it all on plane tickets and come home a broke bitch? (and sometimes even in debt?) It seems to be the case for me every time. I hope to shift this cycle this year. Still working hard but saving as I go, stop staring at expensive vintage kimonos and salon shoes.. and focus on my priorities. Or maybe travel cheap! But that never seems to be able to happen for me. I ate like a queen everyday in Bangkok, New York and Portland, occasionally treating myself to 2 mains per meal just because I was on 'holiday'. In Bangkok, it wouldn't be a surprise for us to even have 5 meals a day, ending off with a seafood feast at 2 in the morning. 

I guess this is something that needs thinking and a lot of planning… but back to the point: picturesss! We took these during the first day we touched down in Thai Town in November and decided to have tea in what's probably one of the prettiest colonial houses I have ever stepped into. For a little place that just sold tea and not-so-great cakes during the weekends, they have been doing exceptionally well. I would still recommend you to go, the cakes aren't bad but they're not anything that would make me jump and shout. Agalico is located along Sukhumvhit, a couple of minutes from the BTS. It's almost easy to miss at first but we were so dressed for the part, the security guy was waving to us to direct us into heaven (it was, for me)- it was as if we were meant to be there. And I am so glad I got to experience this. That's the thing about Bangkok: It never fails to surprise you at every other turn or corner.  Of course, it was so pretty I had to go around snapping some pictures….

Agalico is located at Sukhumvit Soi 51, Bangkok, Thailand 


Photos by Sherman See-Tho (Yessssss, my fav photographer is back in the game!)

Wearing Zara shoes, Shopmissingavenue jumpsuit (contact me at contact@shopmissingavenue.com about how you can get hold of your very own!) and clutch, hat from Bangkok's Platinum Fashion Mall.