Ferragamo purse, Zara shoes, Wisteriea Dress, Shopmissingavenue Coat, Club Monaco Earrings

So I think this was me trying to be all Christmassy- white on white on white. Probably shows how badly I wanted a white Christmas but sadly downtown Portland hardly snows. I was more than happy that it was finally warming up, and even though the entire city was almost a ghost town due to holiday festivities, it was a beautiful day out after a lovely brunch with Henry then walking aimlessly around the city like we always do. That kind of seems to be our thing, walking and exploring with no destination in mind all in the name of fun, whether its 3 in the afternoon or 1 in the morning. Days like these are the best with the sun shining relentlessly and you get to see the city in all it's beauty and calmness. 

I snagged this lovely vintage Ferragamo purse at a consignment store a couple of days before, it was the perfect Christmas gift to myself. I've missed that classic Ferragamo clasp! It seems almost impossible to see these days. Also, I spent pretty much the entire 3 weeks I was in America in these Zara heels, officially the only heels I've owned that has literally been worn to death. It was so torn apart I had to let it go to save luggage space. Never thought sale shoes I got for 70% off could serve so much purpose but you'd be surprise how easy silver shoes are to match with everything. Have a great weekend!