Prior to my previous post, I styled a couple of looks with The Quiet Riot and finally got my butt of the chair and out and about to shoot these looks with Sherman. There is nothing extremely over the top or special about these looks but it's just how I usually look half the time out of home. The other half in pjs running errands or visiting the dentist (currently embarking on a 2 year relationship with Invisalign and I am not sure if I'm loving it but vanity comes with a hefty price tag). I'm extremely commited to my favourite pieces in my closet, right now being any kind of a crop top in all shapes and shades. There just seems to be 111 ways to wear them and it's really the same when you're pairing looks together with jewellery. I usually grab the first pair of earrings I see before leaving the house since I tend to almost always be late. Probably not the healthiest relationship when it comes to this commitment with clothes and accessories because when it comes to blogging, you'd pretty much see me wearing the same thing over and over……ps, I'm sorry? But I love that these are looks I'd totally wear for brunch or for a night out with friends at the bar or dinner at that fancy hotel. That's how versatile these are, especially the jewellery- maybe it's also too much of Sex and the City lately which is making me slightly more experimental and crazy everytime I make a Carrie Bradshaw reference. 

Big thanks to Elle from The Quiet Riot for the lovely sparkles, I've gotten just as much compliments as I have ways to wear them- Make sure you shop at the store for your own fix or follow them on Instagram (@tqriot) for updates!