Sometime during my last week in Portland, my friends set aside a date to make sure I could see some of the most epic views Oregon had to offer. And so one Sunday morning, off we went. We headed to the nearest supermarket and filled our bags with whiskey, chips, potato wedges, popcorn, juice…pretty much anything you could imagine and we began our journey up to the mountains to see the snow. I think after surviving a week in New York, after what was considerably a pretty warm winter the week I was there, I completely underestimated the cold. I did have my layers piled on but you know something is not right when you're freezing but you just can't feel it. And you're very very very drunk from downing too much whiskey at 2 in the afternoon. Needless to say, it was one of the most epic afternoons of my life and I am glad I got to share it with these boys, Christopher and Jordan, who are the sweetest pair, always making sure I am comfortable and doing things in Portland. I can't believe we only got to hang out for real during this trip but it just felt like I had known them for ages. Mount Hood, of course, was a beauty to look at, even in our drunken selves, I am glad I got to take it all in and just scream at the top of my voice how happy I felt to be there. It was a very lovely afternoon indeed and I have all those videos on my iPhone to remember it by which up till now, never fails to put a smile up on my face.

I have about 5 layers underneath my American Apparel sweater, 3 pairs of stockings under my New Look jeans, and my trusty winter boots from the Margiela for H&M collection ages ago which has been serving me really well. Earrings ℅ Club Monaco, leather jacket from Shopmissingavenue.