Just Two


1. Wearing a lace embellished skirt from the lovely Yen of Soeurs.Co and dreaming of palm trees and a pina colda…. God I can't tell you how much I've been missing and thinking about Los Angeles. I'd do anything to be back right now. What is it about the U.S that you just never really get enough of it? Also, genuinely wish I could stop thinking so much about food at night, who loses a week of sleep thinking about FOOD? Me. Yep, true story. I want to be able to have my dream body when I finally make it back to the city of angels so this needs to stop!

2. Soy milk fried chicken I experimented with. No recipe yet…. I honestly whipped a marinade out of stuff I found in the fridge. I've been wanting to do a soy milk batter for this combination after seeing a photo of a friend having it in London so I thought I'd try my own. Using soy makes biting into the fried chicken piece light and fluffy. I also had it with steamed Chinese babs (or baos) and drizzled my never-fail oriental dressing which I adore on salads. I never expected it to go so well as a sauce with fried chicken but it works! If you'd like to use it on your salad, I use wholegrain mustard, a splash of balsamic vinegar, honey, a hint of sesame oil, lemon and extra virgin olive oil. it won't fail you as well, tweak each of the ingredients according to your liking and you have the perfect salad dressing or sauce. Mhmm, I guess Tasty Tuesday is back!