Dress by Supergurl

Awhile ago, Jordus and I crossed borders to Malaysia for an evening of sumptuous feasting. It is always such a great time with this guy, I'm not sure how we also randomly managed to shoot in some of the dirtiest places we have been to but with Jordus around, things always work out magically. I'm off to China and Hong Kong tonight with him and can't wait for another crazy adventure. Last year in Guang Zhou with him was epic but we're taking our projects more seriously now and working very hard to building even more content for the blog. I've been very determined to keep this blog updated and there is simply so so so much I want to share. We are going to document every moment of the trip so I'm excited to kickstart a new journey with full-on blogging again! 

Recently life has been treating me so well in ways I cannot imagine but being me, the obsessive thinker, it's been hard to just get a hold of myself. I've attended events and had to go through the superficiality of it all, reunited with my Portland BFF Henry here in Singapore and had the craziest 6 days, met new people from half across the world and just started off with a conversation about the things that are the most basic to us and I can now gladly call these people friends I'm definitely keeping connected with. 

The idea that I got to wore this dress hasn't sunk in fully, yes it's a copy of Alice McCall but when Jordus called me to tell me that he would be having it on Supergurl, I was stoked. I'm not big on paying for clothing unless it's vintage or something I know I can wear over and over so this dress definitely didn't fit into that category but it's the most light and airy piece of clothing I own, fuss-free and just speaks for itself. It will be on Supergurl soon so make sure you keep yourself updated if you want a piece!