Currently in Los Angeles and damn, I am so thrilled to be back. It's been a great past 5 days exploring new and old places, reuniting with new and old friends. We trekked up to the Hollywood sign over the weekend, can't believe it took me 3 trips to California before I finally made it up here! As many of you should already know, I have a mild obsession with palm trees, American fast food chains like In-N-Out, Denny's…Chipotle.. so deep down inside maybe I am an all American girl. I feel like my best meal has been at Denny's and I am so excited to sink my teeth into an In-N-Out burger (can't believe how I've managed to go by the past few days without it but I have survived and am saving it for tomorrow (finally!). Los Angeles is quite the dream come true for me seeing how last minute this trip was, everything decided within 48 hours then off I went to Malaysia and the moment I got back home, I had 24 hours to pack for L.A. It's been a thrill being back, I feel like I've been waiting for so long to be reunited with California and am so excited to be doing my road trip, finally! Or at least to 3 of my dream destinations on my great big California adventure list! So stay tuned….so much to update about I can't wait to share! Wheepeedoo, California I love ya!

Wearing blouse from Bangkok, American Apparel riding pants and Valentino heels