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Wearing Supergurl dress

China was a blur to me, we did so much travelling on planes, buses, taxis, motorbikes, their version of a tuktuk, cars, mini vans… I feel like I've seen it all even though it was just a week. We started our journey in Hong Kong and travelled to Hu Men in China which is a part of one of China'a largest clothing manufacturing industries. I wanted to experience it all so the entire trip was all work and we visited factories, wholesale fabric markets and I just immersed myself entirely in the process of what it's like to make clothing. Our mainland Chinese counterparts were some of the sweetest people I have ever met despite how hostile a lot of the Chinese nationals are and it was no different for them, but they did everything within their capability to ensure we had a comfortable stay and lots to eat. Food on the other hand was a whole new adventure as everyday we experienced new dishes we had never seen or tasted before. So much flavour, but still so greasy and hearty over long conversations and beers. We shot these outside one of the factories we visited and I just loved how these small little districts are like a whole new world from the big city filled with push carts selling fruit, rickshaws, watermelon after watermelon stall, and just a whole different way of life. 

My time in China didn't feel like a long one, we were working so much time passed so quickly, And despite the language barrier for me (I am so so bad in my mandarin I realy wouldn't survive in China alone), we really tried to converse with the locals as much as we could to learn about their way of life here at this side of the world, their thoughts and their plans for the future. Genuinely opened up my heart and eyes and made me feel like the luckiest girl in the world to come from Singapore. These people have the simplest lives and work the hardest jobs and expect nothing in the future. I felt my heart sink every time we got deep into these conversations but it was such a privilege for me especially, to be able to be there and learn so much. Definitely came home a different person. 

I'm wearing one of my favourite dresses from Supergurl, casual enough to run around with flats and a handbag and formal enough the moment you put on some heels let your hair down. China's back alleys are some of the dirtiest places I've seen in my life and the people's attitude towards their 'home' and 'space' has really no boundaries as long as they get by each day. This ignorance as you can see in the backdrop of these photographs really provided me with the perfect contrast I needed, city girl visiting the suburbs. Versatility and comfort is key for me and this dressed definitely lived up to my expectations. I'm back from a week's worth of gastronomical adventures, immense cultural explorations, heartfelt conversations and memorable experiences that I will never forget.