Curried Tofu Scramble, plates from @eatplatelove and magazines ℅ Allscript.

Ah I can't deny I've missed being in the kitchen…used to be a weekly routine where you'd easily find me talking to myself while cooking, pretending to be Nigella. One day I'll have my own cooking show! It's been quite awhile since I've posted something I made so I thought I'd share, I shall also pretend it is still Tuesday so this can be under a Tasty Tuesday post. When it's either too hot and humid or pouring outside (tempermental Singapore), indoor picnics with friends are my favourite thing to do. Fuss-free, no worry about the bugs, baskets and packing everything up while rushing to a location. Simply use a carpet or rug and lay it all out on the floor and it's a party. I experimented with tofu scramble a couple of months ago and haven't been able to stop since. We all know curried tofu scramble, I had never had it then and I just figured I would try making it myself without a recipe. Expecting it be a disaster, the first time turned out to be one of the best attempts I've had at making this dish. Using basic spices we can easily find in our pantry to season some firm tofu, together with adding some vegetables like grilled pumpkin, cherry tomatoes and red peppers. This is great on it's own as a vegan dish, topped with feta cheese but I'd say it's epic with take out Nando's chicken on the side with some flatbread and a light salad. I am always in heaven whenever I make this!

Simply get a cube of firm silken tofu (or tau kwa if you're in Singapore, works amazingly well- it's important not to get the soft ones because you do not want your scramble to become a mush) and scramble it up with your hands or a fork and season it with salt, pepper, some of your favourite herbs (I use parsley and dill for this) and in a separate bowl, mix together the spices: cumin, paprika, tumeric, cinnamon sugar. When you're done with that, pour in the spices into the scrambled tofu and add a little olive oil and mix it up. I barely use measurements when I make this dish so just experiment to taste, do not allow the spices to overpower your tofu so use it moderately. About 1 teaspoon each is enough for a cube of tofu. 

Dice up some pumpkin and season it and just grill it in an even or toaster. I season mine with dill, salt, pepper and olive oil. Also a dash of sugar for it to caramelize. Chop up some onions, tomatoes, peppers and fresh parsley. When it's all done and the pumpkin is cooked through, get a pan on high heat, add some olive oil and start with the onions followed by the peppers and then the scrambled tofu mix. Cook it for about ten minutes stirring occasionally, and add in the tomatoes and pumpkin when it's about cooked. The spices will sink into the tofu and you will just know when it's ready. 

Super delicious and even better when you serve this with some feta cheese on the top. So good, you have to try it.