Wearing H&M blouse, Topshop denim cut-offs, Club Monaco earrings, vintage sequin purse and Nastygal Shoecult shoes

It was such a fun day attempting to break in these Shoecult heels for the second time, they were a dream come true when I was randomly browsing on Nastygal last month and saw that they were on sale, with an additional 505 off! Apart from also looking like a dream, they are…brutal especially in hilly areas. Probably just not very vancouver friendly. Did I mention previously that as long as you live downtown, everybody walks everywhere. I literally meant everywhere. And it gets pretty hilly once in awhile (nothing like San Franciso, thank God) so last Sunday really wasn't the best time to be wearing these out…to a foodcart fest. I was slowly trotting behind Nigel like a grandma sulking away because I didn't expect to be walking that much.. but the moment I sinked my teeth into one of the best fish tacos I had to date, it was well worth it.


I kid you not. Cod fish in a flour tortilla topped with zesty salsa. Mhmmm. If you're in Canada, find out more about Tacofino and their trucks or check out their restaurant.