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I've always believed that wherever you are (travelling to) in the world, you'd always have a good time as long as you're with the right company. I've been to Hong Kong 3 times in my life now, the first with family, then a quick stop with my aunt before making our way to Tokyo, then recently with Jordus. I would say each time, I wasn't necessarily with bad company but none of the memories I've had in Hong Kong have ever been left imprinted in me. (Sorry HK-ers!) And maybe it's my fault for just not doing enough research. These were taken when Jordus and I had 15 hours in the city and even though the both of us had been before, did a good amount of research, asked for recommendations, we still found ourselves bored and lost in fancy designer mall kingdom. I guess coming Singapore, the last thing I need is another fancy mall. So we just ended up taking pictures!

I've had really good roast geese at Yung Kee, walked through the streets of Mong Kok, shopped at Tsim Cha Tsui….OK really, it is my bad. I'm not saying I've never enjoyed Hong Kong but it's has never been somewhere I have missed or crave for and right now I want to change it. 

My challenge is for anyone who has been to the city or lives there to come up with recommendations of any kind. Food and activities…from your best memroies. This might seem impulsive and crazy but if I get good responses, I will make a trip down to Hong Kong. Go to as many as I possibly can and share each experience here on the blog so maybe what you get return is another in-depth guide. It's exciting! I'm excited to hear all the recommendations so keep them coming in! Feel free to email or leave a comment!