All photos by me

I'm currently in Bangkok again having a ball, came here alone, checked into a hotel alone and just explored alone for some of the time and it has been amazing! Being able to have the luxury of having Bangkok so near to home makes the city my second home as all of you already know, I'm obsessed with this city- the arts, culture and just everything. I usually have an entire list of place of places to visit when I get here from new cafes and restaurants to boutiques but this time I decided to take things slow and just enjoy Bangkok for what it is. I ended up photographing a lot of the little things that are what makes Thailand such a unique country, one that stands out from the rest if you ask me. Markets and pushcarts just literally perched anywhere serving the most delicious food, to the friendliest people. The familiarity of it all has just allowed me to really appreciate this city again because we tend to take it all for granted, especially for someone like me who comes here and immediately hits the shops and restaurants. I've been literally eating so much street food, immersing in the culture, making friends with everyone I meet and it has been such a beautiful week. Also reuniting with Natalie and Eugenie who are here from L.A and having so much fun with these ladies. Bangkok, you have my heart!

Working on my revised guide to the city, stay tuned!