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Photography & Art Direction by Nigel Lew
Hair and Make Up by Dennis 
Assisted by Jeremy Laird

Not exactly everyday you get dolled up by an amazing team of people. I know I've mentioned this before but one of the reasons that Nigel and I got along so well was our 'passion' for being in front and behind the camera. I don't know if you can call that passion but we both thoroughly enjoyed it and as for me, I was blogging so I always love a reason to build more content and shooting a pretty face. I admit, we didn't do THAT much in Vancouver but one Monday afternoon we decided to do a full on shoot. I met Dennis who did my hair and make up and wow that guy is amazing. I'm usually extremely particular about hair and make up and it was a first for me to genuinely like a full-on look. I had already shot with Nigel before so I wasn't worried. I randomly pulled out one of my favourite outfits I had worn  to party the Friday before and that was it. 2 hours into hair and make up and a short walk to the Chinese gardens later, it felt like a I was part of an entire production. 

I am so lucky to be surrounded by such talented individuals in my life and Nigel is definitely one of those people. Creatively, I feel like he is one of my most talented friends who can make magic with anything. Take pictures? Check. Draw? Check. Paint? Check. Make a sculpture? Check. Do hair and make up? Check. (He pretty much did my hair every other day during the trip and it felt AMAZING)  Eat and never get fat? Check. And on top of all this, need I go on about his pretty face? Model boy needs to come back to Asia for our next adventure! Seeing myself like that takes getting used to but thank you to Dennis and Nigel for challenging me to do something like this and bringing out the best in me! I actually love the results of this shoot so much because it is something I hardly do. It was such a fun day and we all just ended up laying by the beach enjoying the sun before having a delicious Greek dinner. Can't deny I left abit of myself in all the lovely people I met in Vancouver.