K.BLU Print Halter Bikini Top and Bottom

Random fact about me: I exercise on average…about once a year. NOT my proudest moment here on the blog but so true. I am just plain lazy. My definition of trying to stay healthy really is just to avoid carbs at all cost which I've recently found very hard to do especially when a good plate of pasta is involved. But back to exercise - I love being in the pool and swimming is probably the only sport I genuinely enjoy. My mind is just at so much peace once I'm in the water but like I said, I am lazy. Lazy to travel to the pool so it barely happens even though I love it and have collected about 20 bikinis to wear. This pairing from K.BLU is to date my comfiest and prettiest set I now own, obsessed over the print. Want…everything from the collection. The brand just launched this year and is great because it offers petite Asian frames like mine a better fit and support, not forgetting the full coverage which I definitely appreciate. Probably the only bikini I own where I'm actually not worried about a boob slip when I'm wearing it. I literally jumped straight into the pool and swam for about an hour straight with no fuss about slips or anything of the sort. No wedgie! It was the perfect way to spend a Monday evening. Here's to hoping I actually make it out to the pool more often. 


Check the full collection out on their site, I mean it when I say I am obsessed over the patterns and prints!