Missingavenue turns 7 today, it's been one heck of a journey and I honestly don't know where to begin. Social media has tremenduously grown and become part of many people's lives and likewise it has been for mine. Just this weekend when I was on the plane to London, I was thinking about the purpose of having a blog and what it has meant to me in this journey. For me, it has been about documenting and sharing a different perspective to others. Of course, not forgetting that it is something I've enjoyed for a long time and still do. But fashion-wise it hit me, how does wearing something pretty and taking pictures in front of a place help me grow as a person and impact my audience in the first place? I've always seen fashion as part of a lifestyle, even though fashion has played in a big, major part of my life  and probably my future. However, I can safely say it isn't something I am passionate about. I am of course, talking about the fashion industry which might come as a shock to some of the people who personally know me but if it is anything, I am passionate towards living a beautiful life.  I've always felt like living beautifully also means being able to create something beautiful everyday, whether it means how one styles his or her clothes a certain way, cooking a meal or taking a photograph. It all plays a small part in the process, one that is always seeking for improvement.

I am not sure if I can actually be passionate towards an industry like fashion that is so superficial that it comes to a point of giving unrealistic standards of beauty. The pressure to look a certain way is ridiculous and it's turned me off many times but I cannot deny that it has affected me as well. There will always be a new designer collection that is going to take the world by storm. A new advertising campaign that is going to be just as controversial as the last and I don't know what feels new anymore. I've always loved dressing up so this blog allowed me to document that. In the past 7 years, I've seen myself grow from depressed emo kid to an adult with dreams I am actually working towards everyday step by step. I've become a lot more particular about my quality of work and what I post here because I want everything to represent me and have a purpose. I don't want to just post something I wear everyday and expect it to make a difference to people. Because really, lets be truthful, what is it going to do for you anyway? It really is no different from the industry and has the same effect as an advertisment on a billboard or a magazine. After all, blogs and social media have become a huge form of advertising for brands anyway. Something I post can influence someone and give her the pressure to look or dress a certain way, own a certain something or go to a place I've been to. I'm not saying that I'm great and everyone should follow whatever I wear or do but it's something even I myself am affected by with the people I follow, whether they have 10 or 100,000 followers. The truth is, no matter what we say, we've all influenced each other in one way or another whether we like it or not.

Typing this post made me realise that what started this blog in the first place was an innocent love of sharing, creating and documenting. I hope that being so candid about what I've been feeling about the industry will encourage you, whoever you are, to just stay true to yourself. We're all human beings anyway. Grow as much as you possibly can, I definitely have and staying true tmy beliefs have played a vital role in making that happen. Hopefully, in the next 7 years or more, I will keep doucmenting and keep sharing my perspective. I don't expect anyone to share the same perspectives as I do but if the blog does then great but do not ever let what I post stop you from being you because I am just being me here as well. Right now in My Little Pony pjs and squatting in the corner of the room. Below are some of my favourite moments I've had on the blog that I hope to share.

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To many more years of documenting and sharing like I said!