Wearing Zara bustier, American Apparel riding pant, The Ordinary co. Crystal Lustre Bib & Genevieve rings

2014 has been a lot of flights and send-offs for me so it means plenty of time in airports. I've always believed that airports are one of the places you really do want to look good in (who knows who you might meet?!) and still feel comfortable at the same time in preparation for the flight ahead…so I almost always make an effort to dress up in light neutral coloured basics that will look good when paired with anything and are comfortable for the hours of travel that are awaiting me. But more on my travel tips and dressing for travel next time in a full proper guide which I'm currently working on!

I love that every wardrobe, especially one that's perfect for living out of a suitcase for weeks, is made up of a foundation of really good basics. Likewise for my flight from Copenhagen to London and London back to Singapore, you can see I chose to be really comfortable… (I can't tell you how good are those pants!) but I love being able to cheat a little at airports and spice things up a little with accessories. It would either be big chunky earrings and statement necklaces so this happened to be perfect for my time in the airports and transiting between Heathrow and Gatwick. I've mentioned it before how I used to be so intimidated by statement jewellery but they've slowly made a very subtle way into my wardrobe so it's been very nice having them around with me on the go. Apart from statement jewellery, I love stacking up very simple rings I collect over time these couldn't have been more perfect timing, I'm not kidding when I say they haven't left my fingers since I put them on weeks ago.

In addition to good basics, jewellery like these are perfect in this situation where I am literally having to mix and match my clothing and accessories out of a suitcase. They really go with everything! Especially black, which I find myself wearing a lot for Fall. 


The ladies at the store have been generous enough to do a giveaway in collaboration with my blog turning 7 years old this month! So one Crystal Lustre Bib necklace is up for grabs and I'll be personally selecting who gets to have it. All you have to do is follow The Ordinary Co. On Facebook and Instagram (@THEORDINARYCO) and then email me (and if you'd like, give me any kind of feedback on this blog- I would really appreciate it!) and I will pick one lucky email by the end of the week! Good luck!