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Dress from Zara
Photos of me by Jordus Lim

Bangkok, truly is one of those cities that I've been lucky enough to visit countless of times that still never fails to surprise me with it's rustic charm. I love Thai culture, so intriguing, so old-fashioned and so full of life. I found out about On Lok Yun pretty late in the game through Ally and I can honestly say it's been one of my favourite experiences in the 12 years I've been to Bangkok. It was such a simple meal but one that I never will forget. The experience embraces everything about slow-living, just sitting down enjoying a simple meal of legitimately good breakfast thats toast, eggs and Thai iced tea. The star of it all was their coconut jam, or Kaya as we Singaporeans would know it. I was with a group of 3 other people and I wish someone could have documented the face of all of us the moment we picked up the white fluffy cubes of bread, dipped it into the heavenly Kaya and placed it into our mouths. And this coming from someone who doesn't even like breakfast food… I always find breakfast bread a waste of space in our bodies, like why have toast when you can have pasta?? You get the drift…

The hospitality in On Lok Yun was also commendable, we happened to be the only foreigners in the traditional old coffee shop but the guy who ran it was kind enough to translate to us the menu before he remembered they had an English menu. We were making such a scene in the shop, me with my camera busy snapping everything and everyone, and Jordus and his family affair with Instagram, asking so many questions about their magical Kaya and what else could we buy to take home with us. We had seconds for everything we ordered, the french toast was as sinful as it can get but it was nothing like I have ever tasted in a french toast.... TOO GOOD. The white fluffy bread cubes were so soft like eating clouds even just on it's own. Of course the Kaya is in it's own league.

I couldn't not share this experience even though a part of me really wanted to keep it as one of my new secret hideouts. On Lok Yun opened some time in the 1930s and the menu has remained almost exactly the same all these years selling traditional Thai-styled American breakfast so expect sausages, ham and eggs on top of the fare I've mentioned. There is nothing fancy about the place but so full of charm with it's generous hospitality of the lovely people who run it and the old school decor that has also remained the same since it opened. It's a little out of the way to come all the way here for such a simple meal but please do. The coffeeshop is located at 72 New Road, Wangburapha, Pra Nakorn District, Bangkok and is open daily from 5am to 4pm.