I think me going on holiday, or just travelling too much in general makes me depressed. I spent the past week since being back in Singapore, cooped up at home, in bed about 60% of the day..whining out loud, only leaving the house to run to the supermarket to buy food. Otherwise, you'd see me in the kitchen doing some crazy cooking. I've been obsessed with the cooking, always challenging myself to whip something every single day and I love it but I know this obsession is slowly going to become an unhealthy one. Post holday withdrawal symptons…..pfft!

I've suffered this enough times now and this has been the worst I've experienced. It CAN be a problem, so if you're reading this, and you are not alone. I thought I'd share some of my own tips on how to deal with it:

1. Lie about your return date. You NEED that time to adjust. It can be jet-lag or justy time to reflect on your travels, stay in and just be with yourself. I find myself isolating from the outside world the most when I return from travels and it can be depressing but I find comfort in cooking or reading a good book.

2. Even if you don't want to go out, out.. whenever you actually have a chance to get some fresh air. Do it. A friend invited me over to dinner this weekend at her place and it was so nice to just be surrounded by a small group people after a week of isolating. And the best part is, you still feel at home. Or invite friends over. You don't need to do this every day, but it's nice to just have some people around you or you'd really get depressed.

3. Document your travels. It can be blogging, vlogging, scrap-booking, major instagramming, get it all over and done with!

4. Start anew. Get your life at home together (Unpack your suitcase!) and start planning routines, schedules and slowly look into the new adventure you'd want to be a part of next. Make goals. We always come back from travels inspired with fresh new perspectives so making new goals when you're ready is a great way to just slowly get yourself back on track because it makes you start wanting to do things to make it all happen.

5. Exercise. Ok, this coming from me…. for someone who NEVER exercises. It's true. Ha, I mentioned it before, I exercise on average about once a year? And guess what, it's usually after a holiday. I love a good swim, relaxes my mind.

6. If you're still home alone, feeling a little under the weather- play the radio out loud, whip out your invisible microphone or grab a hair brush, sing out loud, dance like no tomorrow. Do whatever it takes to get your energy back, to make yourself happy and excited. Watch Sex & the City and laugh out loud while enjoying some bacon and shrimp pasta in bed. Talk to your dog. Bake and give treats to your friends. You will get by!


These were taken on the first day I decided to head out, properly. Even though it was only to Church. And if you see me at Church, I hardly make the effort to dress up because these people have seen me my whole life. I'm always way too lazy. But even just heading to a simple dinner then to church and surrounding myself with familiarity helped. I enjoyed getting dressed the most- putting on something fancy like my new slips and my favourite fancy top immediately made me feel so much better about myself. It was like I am brand new again. So maybe the next tip I have is to play dress up at home rather than allow yourself to look like a drag in pjs all day.. pamper yourself with a manicure or face mask. Anything to feel good.