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I am far from being a morning person with my late nights but I tend to try. It just doesn't feel great when you're waking up hours before the sun is about to set. I am the most productive when I get up early in the day…Here's my routine:

1. Drink fluids. I don't eat breakfast very much, so I try to always have a cup of tea, soy milk or just gulp down a glass of water. Always key to stay hydrated!


If I'm up slightly later than noraml, closer to lunch time. I make a beauty smoothie. Usually depending on what I find in the fridge. This way, I skip lunch and just get a light snack in the afternoon. This is a lettuce, fig, apple, and banana smoothie. You can see some of my favourite recipes for smoothies here.


If I do have breakfast, it's usually just yoghurt with fruit. Otheriwse, I'll have yoghurt mid-day after my smoothie, a few hours before dinner time.


2. These days, I tend to start the day shooting something. Whether it is for Eat Plate Love, content I need to shoot for the blog or Instagram, or work related stuff.


3. I then plan what to do for the rest of the day and also get to my emails. I find this really helps in getting me organized. If I'm cooking, I'll do some research on ingredients before heading out to the supermarket and then I'll spend the rest of the day cooking and eating. Otherwise, I try to get some reading done.

And that's how I start my day every other day! I've recently been addicted to Mind of a Chef so there's been a lot of cooking going on at home. What is your routine in the morning?