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Zara coat, Zara cropped sweater, Chanel handbag, Valentino heels

Ugh, hello again. The withdrawal symptons from my travels are coming back again but I've also been keeping myself busy the past couple of weeks with personal projects I'm really excited about, hence the mini hiatus. I guess I'm back with a mini update! I've been the worse at documenting ever since being back in Singapore. So uninspired to explore and even getting myself out of the house feels like a chore… only looking through pictures I took in London makes me feel better. This, at one of my favourite places in the city and it's pretty obvious why: MARBLE STARWAY! If you follow me on Instagram (or my other unglamourous, keep it real account), you'd know that I am obsessed with anything marble. I go to a restaurant and hug and embrace a good marble table. Stroke the marble in a store, eat my food on the table and shoot it like that because it's pretty. So really, I don't know why it took 3 trips to London before I finally had the time to visit the Victoria & Albert museum and do some touristy shit during my spare time. 


I realised that I never really did blog about my Indian Summer in London, I have so much images and video footage I need to get to but I remember this day very well. I've been with family since arriving in the UK and being able to have some time to myself in the city with my other favourite human being was great. My aunt of course. And what was even better was reuniting with friends and meeting new ones, together. It's great when you bring the people you love together. My aunt may be a full grown adult but so many times I've allowed her to meet my friends and she with hers and each time I am amazed by how well we all get along. I guess food or alcohol, and just a lust for life makes everything good. Here's to the weekend and feeling the sun in my face again!