2 of my favourite cookbooks from Karen Mordechai of Sunday Suppers and Diana Yen of The Jewels of New York- I've been following these two power ladies for awhile now and to see them both launch their cookbooks this year has made me extremely excited. These are books that have so much thought put into every detail of the book that has made it not just about the food but also about community and the city of New York.

Sunday Suppers is all about gatherings in New York, basically a supper club based on community, conversations and good food in the heart of the city. From what started out as a small gathering of 4 friends in a cosy apartment, Sunday Suppers is now a team of creative individuals who host these parties on a monthly basis, parties that are so beautiful everything deserves a photograph. On the other hand, Diana Yen of The Jewels of New York is a creative cooking studio combining the love of cooking with everyday things through styling and food consultation services. 

These 2 are all about focusing on the simplicity and beauty of everyday meals that is shared comunally. For me personally, they are 2 individuals I am dying to work with one day but I have too much commitments here right now to be able to book myself a ticket to New York and live for a few months. Time will tell, and things may change but I just thought I'd share about these two who continually inspire me to make beautiful and delicious food, start conversations and eventually, something more. 

Follow them on Instagram, @sundaysuppers and @jewelsofny.