Thank you for all the birthday wishes! I spent my first day of being 21 having some me time like I said I would, it was nice but nothing beats spending your special day with your loved ones. I ended my night with a dinner at Rubato's and had an epic plate of lobster pasta (it's off the menu but if you're going, call in advance and ask about it, it is pricey but SO worth it!) with my aunt after a shopping day by myself.

*Ps, I am in Singapore right now after a crazy 2 weeks of Digital Fashion Week and Bangkok International Fashion Week but more on that in another post!


I'm throwing a little party among some of my close friends next week, the theme is hilarious and very Singaporean but I will keep it a secret for now (you can stay tuned on Instagram, @meowiie and @meowiie2). Anyway, back to last night, I had a pasta dinner date with my aunt which was delicious and she surprised me with a really cute gift…I never thought I would ever own a Gucci Bamboo bag but I now do, she she's special because she is a mini version in the most luscious satin pink(!!!).
 I saw the bag when we were in London at the mall, and it just happened that my penpal and favourite British person all in all, Sophie, came by for a little date before we bid our farewells for another good year or so. So it was us three doing some window shopping and I walked into Gucci and saw the bag and died because I had never seen anything like it before. I fell in love with it that very instant. Sophie and I headed out to have 3 plates of pasta for lunch at a restaurant nearby and I thought we should go back to the store to have a look at the bag one last time before saying goodbye. The bag was gone in less than an hour from when we first stepped in and I swear we screamed so loud the entire store was silent for a good second. We joked that whoever who had bought it must be a 'bitch who threw money at the Gucci lady' and I guess it turned out that the bitch was my aunt!

 I've been back from my travels for about slightly over a month and didn't really put much thought into it because silly bags like these have always been a novelty for me. A treat where I would of course rather splurge on something more practical on myself. I also happen to be someone who has always expected a lot during birthdays, it IS silly, I know, and I haven't had the *DREAM* birthday I've always secretly wished for but I think we are slowly getting there. Expectation has always made me end up being disappointed so last year I told myself I would plan my own party and did a Twenties themed party. It was such a good night. I am doing the same this year and the party is next week but I guess because it's my 21st I was feeling abit of a nervous wreck because it is the big number where people tend to go crazy. I was so afraid it was just going to be another day even though it is. I was starting to get really upset before dinner after my day out alone mentally took a toll on me because all of my close friends were either busy travelling or working but I guess my day was made a whole lot better with the delicious dinner we had at Rubato's and my aunt's sweet gestures. She took out a cupcake with the bag on it that she had gotten specially made but I was still sulking because I was so sure it was just going to be just another night (bah, sorry, I can be a brat I know but I was turning 21 and was determined that I would get a surprise, big or small) and it just didn't occur to me that she would have gotten it because she didn't seem to have that much interest in it then. When I opened the box, I screamed so loud at the restaurant again! Hahaha, I guess this was a great start to being 21 after all. 

I know it might seem to be a superficial thought that a bag could make me so happy but in my defense I knew that because my party was next week, nothing was going to happen with everyone's busy schedules. And yes, at the end of the day it is the people who are closest to you who matter the most. It has been that way for me every year just that I have always grown up with a big fantasy of birthdays so MY BAD with big parties and lots of cake, presents and surprises. For now, I'm looking forward to party with my friends next week and just have a good time. Here's to 21!

Thank you to each and everyone of you who wished me personally via text, messages, Facebook, Instagram and emails! I am nothing without you guys!