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Last of Copenhagen posts! I'm kinda in the mood to post something I'm wearing and dedicating it entirely to a post. It's my birthday today and I can't believe I am officially 21. Gah, feels intimidating. The feeling hasn't set in yet, I don't know what to feel or what 21 is like but I guess it's that time in your life you need to grow up and just learn to really love yourself. At least for me it is so I plan to take things today slow and spend some me time. If you're been through 21, I would love to know what it's like. I'm thinking that because it's such an 'official' thing for people where they throw big parties and really celebrate and all of a sudden you realise you are actually an adult and have decisions you need to make…it's making me feel kind of lost because first of all, I never expected the past year to pass on so quickly. I loved being 20 even though I was faced with many difficulties this year but I saw the world from different perspectives, lost and made new friends, went in and out of bouts of depression and really learnt to enjoy my own company which is an attempt for me to learn to love myself wholly. I hope to one day be in a place in my life where I am genuinely happy with myself, content and just live each day like it's my last. No regrets. Now that I am 21, it's time I worked towards that goal and come out a more mature, better person at everything I do and one who works hard to achieve my dreams. I hope 21 will be the year I see certain dreams I've had for years come to light and I am determined. 

One of the highlights of being 20 for me was visiting Copenhagen. If you know me personally, or have been following me, you can probably tell that I travel quite a bit but I always seem to return to places I've been to. I don't really understand why that always seems to be the case so I was really excited when the opportunity for me to visit an entirely new place came up because it felt like it's been awhile. Nyhavn is commercial and touristy but in all it's defence, it is beautiful and there is something so romantic about being able to dine by the canals looking out to the city, or just sit along the water and enjoy some ice cream or a light snack with a loved one. I loved it and got to take some obligatory photos along the canal after a river tour one lovely afternoon. Lesson learnt- Copenhagen is NOT heel-friendly at all. The cobbled stone pathways made it extremely difficult for me to walk in heels and damaged this pair a little but I was happy enough to be in this beautiful city. Wore one of my favourite outfits- you know the sort of outfits you like so much you see yourself wearing again and again.. I've had a few of those and this is another one of them. I was contemplating when to post this just so I wouldn't feel so bad if I wore the entire look out again but argh, blogger problems. 


Photos shot by Sam, thanks for patiently taking these for me!