SEE YOU IN 2015.


So I guess you can say the title says it all. I've HONESTLY, cross my heart, missed being able to type down my thoughts or share an adventure on this blog. It's a love for documenting like I've mentioned before which started this in the first place. But this year alone I've found myself struggling the most with the content that's posted on this space. Never fully satisfied. And then I asked myself why haven't I been working on it this past 8 months since being out from school? I'm a lazy ass! No point denying it. So I'm taking a break to really figure things out and decide how I want the real Missingavenue to look like and be portrayed as. Content that is less on self but also more on impacting my dear readers who have been graciously and so patiently following me despite being such a bad blogger. And so much more. I've so much going on that I'm genuinely overwhelmed by the opportunities that have been given to me. And there really is so much I'm dying to share, just not here right now. So this hiatus is not exactly a break but stuff I'm working on for the new blog. I can't wait! For now, see you guys on Instagram (@meowiie) and I'll see you back here in a couple of weeks with a brand new facelift on this space. 

Thank you for reading and following me on my adventures this past 2014. Lets start a brand new adventure in 2015! xx