It breaks my heart to type this but my time in London has come to an end for the time being. I will be moving back to Singapore, starting a new exciting project (I can't wait to share more details soon!) and travelling more extensively around Asia I hope! My pal Faiyaz and I recently went around London shooting this little collaboration with Charles & Keith. I thought that since this would be my last time shooting a project in London for awhile, it would be best to relive some of my favourite moments I've had in London. So I hope you guys will follow me, in my shoes, and relive these moments with me. Big thank you to Charles & Keith for sending so many pairs of shoes, I feel like I've a lifetime of shoes to wear now! And to my dear Faiyaz for going around London with me in a day to shoot these. I had so much fun even though it was bittersweet. London, you always will have my heart. Thanks for some of the best times of my life. 


Brunch at my favourite spots in East London followed by shopping for some of the freshest groceries.  This is at The Albion. Definitely needs no introduction. The food is great, fresh and not forgetting how much I ADORE the croissants.


I love exploring new neighbourhoods in London. There is always some little corner or stretch of houses I find that never fail to make me smile. It's so romantic to me how even though I've travelled to London and lived there for a good amount of time that it still surprises me. West London is great for that. You find cute families going about their daily lives, peeping through the windows of their homes and trying to pretend you live in there.


The grass IS greener at this side of the world. I love going for picnics, feeding birds, seeing people taking their strolls with their dogs or simply by themselves, rolling on the grass. I've had so many good moments being surrounded by my friends in parks all over London where we just lie on the grass with a bag full of food to stuff our faces with and talk for hours.


I am always on the go in London. There is always a place to run off to, This city is relentless and full of energy. So here's to screaming at Ubers for them to pick me, running from tube to tube, hopping onto a cab and hoping the meter mysteriously stops or just running to my next destination. 


There's no denying that I've had some of the best nights out in this city- Soho of course. Drinking way too many cocktails before dinner time and ending up in some club dancing the night away with my best friends, singing all the way home on the Uber. London, you're the best.

There is so much more I've yet to share but these are some of those worth reliving for now. Hope you all enjoyed this! 



It's been freezing cold in London and temperatures have dropped tremendously but celebrating life and especially the weekends in general have given me enough warmth to keep me going. I live in a lot of sweaters and have been meaning to invest in the right pieces that are versatile and comfortable at the same time. I especially love turtlenecks as it means I can layer all that extra heat-techs (I get mine from Uniqlo!) under. This sweater-dress from Lovers + Friends is the perfect fit, I love wearing it on it's own as a dress with some sneakers or spicing it up a little with these knee-high boots. It's kept me cozy at work and while I go about my daily routine. I absolutely live in it ever since I've played my hands on it and love every bit of it! 

My 2016 so far has been exhausting to say the least but it has also really encouraged me to push myself and make this a great year. I know I previously said no resolutions and I've enjoyed not having to keep up with them so far, but it's also made me take my time a little more lightly than I want it to. I will be returning to Singapore tomorrow, and I am excited but also so nervous. I am hoping to really work hard on producing some content for the site and also making some of those dreams I've been holding on to into a reality! Hopefully I get to also share my journey with everyone here. I know I haven't been updating as much as I would like to but any opportunity to share something with you guys makes me really happy. Ah! I can't wait. 


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We shot these images last week on what I can easily say was one of the gloomiest days I've experienced in London- but as depressing as it sounds with the rain and barely any sun, I am so glad we got to make the best out of it with my new found loves, all these shoes sent to me from back home in Singapore thanks to Charles & Keith! They should be no stranger to you if you're from Singapore or mainly Asia but it's so refreshing to see how the brand has grown over the years, the content they produce and I can genuinely say I am very, very happy with my new accessories (the quality is amazing!) and more than ready to kick off the winter with them. All photos shot by Bryant Lee



I made a trip to Mayfield Lavender Farm after months and months of waiting for lavender season to come back since chancing upon it last year. Iris and I found ourselves running through the endless field of lavender and unfortunately, freaking out about bees. We bought lavender home to dry and overall it has been one of my favourite summer weekends in London. I spent the weekend cooking and feasting on so much food with Iris and we danced and sang in the car en route to the farm with our driver, Bobby, who ended up going into the field with us to take our photos. The past couple of weeks have been great, I’ve finally learnt to let go and take each day as it is. I feel a lot healthier now mentally and emotionally. I try not to think too far ahead and take things as they come. It’s been full of surprises so far and I’m filled with gratitude by the end of each day. 

Mayfield Lavender Farm only opens a few months a year, Lavender season is slowly coming to an end so if you’re in London, you probably have about 3 weeks left to see this beauty for yourself! I highly recommend it, though it’s rather inconvenient to travel to. The farm is located at Croydon Lane, Banstead Surrey, SM7 3BE and is open daily from May 30th to September 20th. 


It's been awhile since I last made a video, and during all this time I forgot how enjoyable it can be. Bryant and I spent Sunday at my favourite hotel in London (no prizes for guessing which!) where we had a classic English roast before spending the rest of the day just fooling around and shopping. I am so lucky to have this guy in my life and words cannot express how grateful I am to be able to experience London together with him. This was one of my favourite days being here so far, just taking a good break from work and enjoying the beautiful weather. Thank you, London. And thank you, Bryant. 



Since being in London, I've been renting a little room in the East, not far off Victoria Park. I absolutely love it here. It might be just a room but it really does feel like my own space, something I've been needing for a long time. With a lot of the people I've met, because room rentals are usually short term, they usually don't do much to make it their own. I beg to differ otherwise, but I guess maybe it's also because I am here for a good amount of time. Anyhow, I just thought I would share how my made my bedroom become my home.

My room came with just the bed, the wardrobe and chest of drawers at the back, together with a little couch. I chose this space because I absolutely loved the brick (unfunctional) fireplace and the light that came through the front of the house. The furniture is not the best but there wasn't much I could do about it. It was good storage so I appreciated the convenience. 


1. The first thing you see when you walk into the room is of course the brick fireplace. It was just the plain brick wall so I got a mirror to hang on it. This one from Ikea did the trick as it was cheap and looked pleasing with the rest of the room. I also sometimes put flowers by the fireplace, It's nice waking up to fresh blooms every now and then!

2. A coat hanger is not only such a convenient piece of furniture to have but I love how homey it made my room feel. It's realistic because hey, I actually sleep here. So I like that I can be messy with it while at the same time, how it makes the whole room feel very comfortable.

3. I got some sheepskin rugs to lay over this boring plain couch, and also the carpet on the floor. I love being able to sit on the couch to get work done, or sometimes even on the carpet while having a meal. A carpet is great for comfort and it makes any space immediately feel like a home.

4. My dressing area is my favourite part of the room. Over here, I have all my stuff I use for getting ready like my make up, jewellery and perfume. Eucalyptus is my favourite plant because it doesn't need any kind of maintenance. It dries up well on it's own and makes the room smell so good.

5. My bedside table is constantly in a mess! But I love having little details that make me feel happy like my favourite candles, my journal that I write in a lot, and my favourite lamp which my aunt surprised me with by bringing it over when she came to visit. It's marble so imagine how heavy it is! The Peep n' Press frame was a gift from Natalie before I came over, I love such personalised gifts and can't believe she drew it so well and with such meticulous detail.

6. Just beside my bed, I have a little collage I made from some of my favourite magazine tear outs and bits and pieces from memories I have made here in London. I wish I had more stuff from back home in Singapore but I did not bring them over because I really came with so much luggage, it wasn't so much my priority.

I think with any space, making it a home is just about comfort and how you'd like it. I've always loved slightly bohemian-looking interiors so I had the carpet and the sheepskin rugs. It really is just like dressing up so I see it as a huge part of myself that I can express within a space. Hope you enjoyed this mini room tour! One day maybe it will be my own flat but time will only tell! I just got back from Iceland and have so many images I can't wait to share.

Photos of myself by Mikko Puttonen.


IMG_8024IMG_8033IMG_8035 IMG_8053IMG_8061

Since being in London, I've been through the incredible cold and some snow but Monday was perfect weather. Bryant and I checked out the Guy Bourdin exhibition at Somerset House which featured some of his never before published work and it is one of the largest showcases of his work throughout his 40 year career. I left extremely inspired by his thought put into every detail for his images and his playfulness with colour. More on that in my photo diary I hope to get to as soon as I can!

This is one of my favourite rompers- casual enough for a day out and not too sloppy for a night at the theatre, which was exactly what we did after the longest but most enjoyable afternoon tea session at The Savoy. It's also reflecting what I've been feeling a lot lately since coming to London: having to man it up and take care of myself, and be responsible for everything to do with that. I've been so, so blessed since being here with the company and support I've gotten (thank you to those of you who emailed me and reached out to me! It means the world to me) but there are still times the fear sets in and I can't help but feel scared even if it's just my walk home. Actually, everything has been perfect since being here except this little fear I have of walking alone at night to the extent that I sometimes really just feel the need to look my very worst so as to not attract the wrong attention late at night. I braved up on Monday, put on a 'suit', and my favourite heels on. Told myself things would be okay, and did my walk home. If anything happened, I knew I could easily get my heels off and use it to throw at someone anyway. Right?

Random fact but this Louis Vuitton Epi Noé was the very first designer bag I owned and bought with my own money. I got it vintage from a consignment store in Singapore when I was 14 or 15. I sold all my clothes in a week to raise money for it after begging the lady in the store to keep it for me. I wanted my first designer bag to be something that was practical so I thought something in black would be great as it would go with most of the stuff in my wardrobe. Loved it so much, bought another one in red a few months later...  This bag has been my to-go ever since I got here. I've always loved it but it's kind of got neglected over the past few years and I only used to casually to make supermarket runs or small errands. Now that I've been using it every day, I really can't go on enough about how practical a bucket bag really is. So easy to throw everything into and so versatile. It's time I got that red one out soon...



I can't believe how overdue these photos actually are but since I'm in London anyway, I thought I might as well share one of my favourite experiences during my trip here last September. I had the opportunity to visit the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel welcomed with a little private tour...and loved it so much, got myself a weekend booked there. But really though, I feel like this is one of the most underrated hotels in London. I found out about it through a mutual friend on Instagram and got my head blown off when I saw the amazing grand stairway. Then suddenly it seemed like everyone I knew was talking about it. The beautiful Gilbert Scott restaurant..and the Booking Room. Every little attention to detail is so meticulous and I found myself constantly overwhelmed by the history and grandeur of the hotel. And yet, the interior and friendly staff is still welcoming and I slowly couldn't help but feel so at home here. There is something still so romantic being able to peep through some of the windows and see people in transit at the station.

I experienced a hearty Sunday roast at Marcus Wareing's The Gilbert Scott and it was all fancy dining  but if anything I do need to add- so, value for money. And while dinner gets pretty pricey, you're paying for the full package here. Everything is top-notch. Either way, swing by for a drink at the bar or the Booking Room. Forget the diet and feel like royalty at every inch of the hotel. Fluffiest of beds and pillows I still think about till this day and being able to walk off afternoon tea by Regent's Canal which is just around the corner. Have no reservations about the St Pancras and just do it. I promise one of the best stay cations you could have all in the heart of London. I'm actually still pinching myself.