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Revisiting one of my favourite sites in Singapore is this stretch of Peranakan houses in Petain Road. I've shot here before, but got a new fancy dress I was dying to put on, even if it was just for a photo and felt that the backdrop couldn't be more perfect for the dress. Fully embroidered and embellished, the detail of this number is impeccable. Just like the details of the tiles of these beautiful homes. 

I'm set for a busy weekend before I head off for a month of travel. Having just gotten back from an inspiring week in Yogyakarta, I can't wait to document and share my time abroad with all of you. 



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Some of my favourite moments this summer, spent in London, Paris, Dubrovnik and Milan. I'm so excited for whats to come this winter- working on big plans for a new project I have for 2017. 

I will be off to a couple of destinations in the next 2 months and will be updating along as I go- There is nothing more I love than a good conversation and there is no such thing as being a stranger. So I hope you'll follow me on my adventures as I go along and if you're in the area, hit me up! Lets take a stroll on the beach, roll on the grass in the park, drink lots of wine, buy spices at local markets just for fun and mingle with locals.. I'd love to connect. 

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Fun fact: I don't drink coffee. And my to-go drink of all time as I get along my day in Singapore is an iced cold cuppa tea, which we call a 'teh o' - a dash of sugar, shaken well and drank out of our signature plastic carriers. These are the things I love and miss the most about home when I am away. Something so easily accessible and cheap thats available in every 'kopitiam' or coffee shop you see all over the country. 

So I guess this is a little tribute- to my favourite drink stall, I buy up to 5 cups of this a day and go home with yellow teeth but I'm addicted to this! Jordus and I decided to take a couple of photos in the stall so we could share a glimpse of what a regular Singapore styled 'kopitiam' today looks like. Apart from drinks, they usually sell basic snacks like dim-sum buns, sandwiches and cakes. Obviously these kopitiams are casual places but I loved the contrast of myself being all dolled up against the backdrop. I am wearing a Kendall + Kylie Jumpsuit available on Shopbop (similar available here) and Intentionally Blank heels (thanks Ty!)



After a month of intense back to back travel, I'm back in Singapore for a month. The travel bug hit me last week, I found myself mentally and physically exhausted. I'm supposed to be in Jakarta this weekend but I simply couldn't bring myself to make the trip because I just didn't feel well. A lot has happened in the past 2 weeks since being back from Yogyakarta, I found myself stumbling back into my old ways which made me feel very low- struggling with my addiction to alcohol and having to face certain consequences. I have been spending the past week trying my best to get my balance back, to get my head and my heart in the right place but it's been difficult. I don't know why I've chosen to so candidly talk about it here, and on Instagram (stories!) but the things all of you wrote to me to encourage me, to keep going forward, melted my heart. 

I remember this day clearly, I had a rough morning and decided to meet my friend, Faiyaz for a couple of hours, drank two glasses of wine and sunk deep into my own pity party. The events leading up to the past two weeks have given me a lot of new perspective into things and though these photos have clearly nothing to do with how I'm feeling or what I am going through emotionally, it's a reminder that we all have good days and bad days. We stumble and we fall, but we only have to pick ourselves back up and go forward. While like many others, giving advice is no problem for me, but applying it to myself is another thing. It may take me longer than most to feel myself again but I am confident I am making slow progress day by day. 

And on days like these, I wear my favourite things, just to feel a little better. 
In this case, I am carrying a Seagrass Tote from Hat Attack and these adorable Indian pom-pom slippers from Figue (I'm absolutely in love with them!)- all available on Shopbop



Wearing Zimmermann Swimsuit from Shopbop

After 6 hours on the road from Bangkok and 40 minutes on a speedboat, I've arrived to Soneva Kiri in Koh Kood, South-East of Thailand near the borders of Cambodia. It is a beautiful luxurious resort with it's own Soneva time, full of luxurious villas all with their own private pools and it's own eco-system where fresh produce is grown and served daily to guests. It's been an eye-opening experience especially for me, I've never been a beach person but being surrounded by new and old friends and just having to take things as it is and enjoy what's being presented in front of us has turned out to be so much fun. We've unfortunately had most part of our itinerary the resort planned for us cancelled due to bad weather but there's actually plenty to do here. Watch films in their outdoor cinema, dine in your own tree-pod hoisted up on top of Koh Kood's ancient rainforest with food and drink delivered  via a zipliner (!!), go canoeing or simply enjoy the resort's private beaches... it's the perfect way to enjoy a 'slow life' as the resort puts it. People walk here barefooted, phones are discouraged in public areas.. I don't think I've ever quite been to a place like this! 

I spent the afternoon in our beach front villa playing in the pool and drinking fresh coconut in the rain . Can't imagine what it would be like if we arrived to perfect tropic weather but it's been great so far. The hospitality is undeniably one of the best I've experienced and I can't be more grateful to have gotten to come here!


Find out more about Soneva Kiri here




Wearing Tibi slip-ons from Shopbop, similar ones here. Mango Dress. Bag from Morocco.



I spent last weekend in Dubrovnik and it was beautiful. Lost my voice, fell really ill halfway and nearly didn't make it on the plane back to London but thankfully I did and still in recovery. Still, there are no words. It's a beautiful place everyone has to visit in their lifetime. We spent a luxurious night at Villa Dubrovnik courtesy of Smith Hotels (thank you Sneha!) and moved to our Airbnb in the heart of the Old Town which we thoroughly enjoyed as well. Loved being able to see life from our window.  The old town itself may be tiny but being surrounded by the City Walls has protected the citizens of Dubrovnik for over 5 centuries. Today, the walls and the city itself are a UNESCO World Heritage site and is considered one of the greatest fortification systems of the Middle Ages. It's unreal to me and no doubt if you're a Game of Thrones fan, it's walking in the actual set where the series is filmed.  We had delicious food and wine by the Adriatic Coast and walked through beautiful alleyways. I think my favourite part is the laundry hanging out of the windows you'll find in these alleys. They provide so much character to the city. I was dressed by Shopbop throughout my time there and couldn't be more grateful for a better coastal wardrobe. 



Wearing Free People's Bohemian Winds Maxi Dress

While I may be all for going after a local experience, see the Duomo from the distance and visiting the terrace of the cathedral was a dream in itself. Skip the long lines for the tickets into the Duomo and go straight for the terrace where you get stunning views of Milan and see the intricate details of the roof of the cathedral. 


The details took my breath away, it is no wonder this took 6 centuries to complete. I wasn't even that keen on going up to the Duomo but when my friends who are local to Milan took me up, it was with no regrets despite the countless of steps before getting to the terrace. I couldn't have asked for a better way to spend my Saturday morning with my favourite people.


The weather was perfect. I am wearing a Free People dress, you can find a similar one here



Wearing Maria Stanley Frades Dress and Adia Kibur Caitlin Earrings- all from Shopbop.

Ciao! From Milano! I can't say it enough how delighted I am to be here with some of my best friends, and most importantly, being able to get a local experience from start to finish. Like hopping onto a cute little fiat rental thats available all over the city, having a picnic lunch in Parco Sempione and falling asleep on the grass whilst being surrounded by unbelievably good-looking Italian boys sunbathing.


I've been walking like crazy in my Soludos and they've been so helpful in getting me around the city. I can't tell you how genuinely comfortable these are despite the wedge. Get something similar here.

I'm excited to share more images from the city alongside a little guide to some of the spots I will be going to together with Shopbop. So stay tuned! These were shot in Brera, one of the most beautiful, and evocative streets in Milan. Known for being home to artists and bohemians in the city. It is now full of small boutiques selling apparel, art and other knick-knacks. I loved it and it is a must visit in Milano.