Dress by Needle & Thread available on Shopbop, similar available here.

Revisiting one of my favourite sites in Singapore is this stretch of Peranakan houses in Petain Road. I've shot here before, but got a new fancy dress I was dying to put on, even if it was just for a photo and felt that the backdrop couldn't be more perfect for the dress. Fully embroidered and embellished, the detail of this number is impeccable. Just like the details of the tiles of these beautiful homes. 

I'm set for a busy weekend before I head off for a month of travel. Having just gotten back from an inspiring week in Yogyakarta, I can't wait to document and share my time abroad with all of you. 



I shot a few fun things with Kenzo last week wearing the FW 16 pre collection and had so much fun doing so- there is nothing I love more than a good statement sweater and nobody does it better than these guys! Being in Singapore, I thought about pairing these Fall/Winter pieces to suit our climate so  there's the perfect amount of skin paired with the knits. 

Featured here are the Rizo Bag, Legend Boots, NY Stripes Midi Skirt and Tanami Flower Sweater



Fun fact: I don't drink coffee. And my to-go drink of all time as I get along my day in Singapore is an iced cold cuppa tea, which we call a 'teh o' - a dash of sugar, shaken well and drank out of our signature plastic carriers. These are the things I love and miss the most about home when I am away. Something so easily accessible and cheap thats available in every 'kopitiam' or coffee shop you see all over the country. 

So I guess this is a little tribute- to my favourite drink stall, I buy up to 5 cups of this a day and go home with yellow teeth but I'm addicted to this! Jordus and I decided to take a couple of photos in the stall so we could share a glimpse of what a regular Singapore styled 'kopitiam' today looks like. Apart from drinks, they usually sell basic snacks like dim-sum buns, sandwiches and cakes. Obviously these kopitiams are casual places but I loved the contrast of myself being all dolled up against the backdrop. I am wearing a Kendall + Kylie Jumpsuit available on Shopbop (similar available here) and Intentionally Blank heels (thanks Ty!)



After a month of intense back to back travel, I'm back in Singapore for a month. The travel bug hit me last week, I found myself mentally and physically exhausted. I'm supposed to be in Jakarta this weekend but I simply couldn't bring myself to make the trip because I just didn't feel well. A lot has happened in the past 2 weeks since being back from Yogyakarta, I found myself stumbling back into my old ways which made me feel very low- struggling with my addiction to alcohol and having to face certain consequences. I have been spending the past week trying my best to get my balance back, to get my head and my heart in the right place but it's been difficult. I don't know why I've chosen to so candidly talk about it here, and on Instagram (stories!) but the things all of you wrote to me to encourage me, to keep going forward, melted my heart. 

I remember this day clearly, I had a rough morning and decided to meet my friend, Faiyaz for a couple of hours, drank two glasses of wine and sunk deep into my own pity party. The events leading up to the past two weeks have given me a lot of new perspective into things and though these photos have clearly nothing to do with how I'm feeling or what I am going through emotionally, it's a reminder that we all have good days and bad days. We stumble and we fall, but we only have to pick ourselves back up and go forward. While like many others, giving advice is no problem for me, but applying it to myself is another thing. It may take me longer than most to feel myself again but I am confident I am making slow progress day by day. 

And on days like these, I wear my favourite things, just to feel a little better. 
In this case, I am carrying a Seagrass Tote from Hat Attack and these adorable Indian pom-pom slippers from Figue (I'm absolutely in love with them!)- all available on Shopbop

Max & Co.


The new Max & Co. store in Paragon is all kinds of fun. I visited it a couple of weeks ago and was taken aback by how different it is from the other store I've been going to for my monthly Max & Co. fix. The concept is a lot younger and fresher so it was a joy going through the racks and racks of beautiful clothing. Love the selection and especially the latest collection, if you saw my previous post, this was one of my favourite dresses I picked out, can't wait to go back. If you're around town, be sure to check it out! 

Max & Co. is located at The Paragon, 290 Orchard Road, Singapore 238859, #02-12.